Make sure you hook up again

One of the biggest problems that most guys run into when it comes to their hook ups is when they want to meet up with a mature woman again but never actually get the chance to. It’s a huge letdown when you have a really good time and don’t get a chance to repeat it. Usually it happens because you’re not giving her as much pleasure as you actually think you are. If you really want to get that MILF from back into your bed then you have to make sure you’re taking care of every last one of her needs.

Don’t take no for an answer

Not taking no for an answer doesn’t mean that you have to force your will on her. That’s never going to end well for you. What it actually means is that you might have to push her over the edge and into an orgasm, even if she doesn’t want to cum yet. You have to go down on her with every last ounce of passion that you can muster and get her right to the edge of cumming. This is when she’s probably going to try and stop you so she can save it. Don’t let her. Make her cum hard with your mouth and then just take the time and be patient with her as you bring her back up through all of the levels of arousal. It’s going to take a whole lot of work from you, but just think about what you’re doing for her. You’re eating her out and making her cum hard once, then you’re having sex with her a while later. No woman will be able to pass up a chance to spend another night with a guy like that and that’s really what you want.